BANZAI JAPAN(バンザイジャパン)

Tokyo Evangelist

東京都 伝道師

中野 向日葵

Himawari Nakano

都道府県PR Local Introduction
Tokyo Tower, Skytree, the most advanced transmission tower! Edo is the metropolitan city da YO!
ニックネーム Nickname
ひま / Hima
誕生日 Birthday
6月28日 / 28 June
星座 Zodiac Sign
かに座 / Cancer
血液型 Blood type
知らぬ・・・ / Unknown
趣味 Hobby
Swimming, Disney, Music, Traveling Alone
キャッチフレーズ Greeting to the fans
Born and raised as a city girl! Shiny smile is just like "Himawari!!"
特徴 Characteristic
Her mind is filled with STARWARS. Studies hard to get high score in TOEIC. Great dancer that starts dancing to the music she's never heard of before.